The Kingdom

To Free our Friends
The quest to free Drako and Neptulon from the Evil Wizard Tolthar
  • Lightning Pearl and Drako and Neptulon disappear
  • Small Feast and Turkey Legs
  • Teleport to the Evil Forest
  • Elenor the Queen of the Elves
  • A Night on a Carpet (escaping the Giant Crickets)
  • A Flight to the Castle and a Cleaning
  • Of Motes and Ant Sized Goblin Guards
  • Encounter with Toldar
  • Inside a bird cage
  • Teleport to Kildar’s Cell
  • Picked locks and White Knights
  • Frogs, Snakes and Riddles
  • Fire and the meaning of Bravery
  • And now they have a castle
Quest for the Pearl of Isktar
How The Company met Onion and braved the sea caves of Karsolis

For the Company, it was a good hour hike up the shore from the last place to access the beach as the cliffs above continued to rise steeply toward the north. Salted sea air filled their senses. The cry of gulls and the crash of waves were ever present over the steady ocean breeze.

At low tide, the surf pounded only 20’ from the cliff side and the spray glistened on their outerwear as they stood on a narrow band between cliff and ocean. Here the nearly sheer, wave worn cliff towered high toward the sky. Damp, coarse gray sand and tidal pools surrounded a small dark cave at the cliff’s base. The opening was wide enough for one and tall enough for troll stand but well below the high tide mark at this place along the coast. Standing at the mouth of the Sea Caves, The Company was joined by Onion and her pet Cheez-It, Yummy.

Barnacles and mollusks ringed the cave opening like so many teeth waiting to snap down on anything foolish enough to make its way inside. They entered cautiously.

The Sea Scorpion

A Choice

The Sea Hag

Room of Numbers

King Isktar’s Chamber (The Pearl Throne)

Tunnel of Troglodytes

At the Edge of the Abyss

The Ruby Room and the Orb of Isktar

The Council and the Horror of the Kraken

A Chance Encounter
How it was they started their quest to save Karsolis from the Kraken

The sun was setting over the western sea as


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