The Kingdom

To Free our Friends

The quest to free Drako and Neptulon from the Evil Wizard Tolthar

  • Lightning Pearl and Drako and Neptulon disappear
  • Small Feast and Turkey Legs
  • Teleport to the Evil Forest
  • Elenor the Queen of the Elves
  • A Night on a Carpet (escaping the Giant Crickets)
  • A Flight to the Castle and a Cleaning
  • Of Motes and Ant Sized Goblin Guards
  • Encounter with Toldar
  • Inside a bird cage
  • Teleport to Kildar’s Cell
  • Picked locks and White Knights
  • Frogs, Snakes and Riddles
  • Fire and the meaning of Bravery
  • And now they have a castle


mithriltol mithriltol

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