The Kingdom


The Kingdom’s borders end at The Sea to the west, The Mountains to the north, The Jungles to the south, and The Forest to the east. It is said to border Avalon and The Fey Lands in mysterious ways related to the conjunction of planets and turn of the seasons.


The Kingdom‘s proximity to The Sea allows for a rich trade economy with other lands. Two of the most notable ports are The Village of Karsolis and Faldon’s Cliff.


The Kingdom is ruled by the benevolent King Colder who lives in Zensar’s Keep.


The Kingdom is divided by heredity, deed, and proclamation into duchies. Notable duchies include The Duchey of Olthor and The Grand Duchey of Talinmock.


The Kingdom enjoys a temperate climate with four seasons which grow cooler to the north and warmer to the south. Humidity is fairly high throughout The Kingdom and increases as one travels south.

The Kingdom

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